About us

About us

Les Jumelles is the brainchild of mom boss Magalie Aerts. As part of a twin the name Les Jumelles (meaning twins in French) was very obvious. After studying in New York and India, surrounded by elegantly sophisticated and confident women, the dream of starting her own webshop became reality.

‘’I’m constantly seeking to find exclusive, yet affordable items that deviates from the normal, the common, the mediocrity… for women that are straight to the point, charismatic, with a determined and strong personality and above all, who are not afraid of taking risks. Sometimes it feels like I’m sharing my wardrobe with everyone in the world!’’

Les Jumelles is an Antwerp-based webshop that offers carefully selected range of products and brands. A webshop where women find items that are eye catching, sophisticated, sought after and wear it like a trophy.

We want to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible, so if you ever have questions, requests,… just drop us a little note.

Our team is happy to help you.



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