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Sustainable report 2021


Day by day, we are aiming at a greener and more sustainable Les Jumelles. Les Jumelles is completely accountable for the social and environmental choices made,we cannot ignore the enormous impact of our industry on people, the environment and society. It is time to change.

We gladly invest in sustainability, as it is in our DNA. We desire to reduce our ecological footprint to the max and strive to be as transparent as possible to the outer world. 2020 was a turning point for Les Jumelles, on every level!


Earlier this year, Les Jumelles the Label launched their long-lastig and durable ecolabel collection. It involves our Charlotte kimono collection  – who are made from Indian Kantha blankets. Each piece is hand-crafted and unique. They’re all embroidered in smallish scale by renowned Indian artisans – who follow an ancestral dressmaking method in a slow fashion way.

The Georgette kimonos, as it’s in the name –  made of Georgette fabric. A very durable fabric, which are chosen by hand carefully. The artisans in India spent an enormous amount of time on each piece, as the kimonos are entirely handmade with great care. Therefore every piece is one-of-a-kind.

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Meet our ecolabel collection – sewed by artisans in India . They’re made from up-cycled vintage sarees, previously worn by women in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

A saree or sari is a traditionally three-piece ensemble worn in India. Passed down from generation to generation makes them unique and one of a kind. All with an unique story to tell.

We constantly aim to improve our sustainable effort throughout our chain of value, and we are proud of the initiatives already implemented in our business model.

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 If you order before 23h, it will be delivered at your doorstep the next day. Happy customers, happy business. Our warehouse uses a fully automated packaging machine that works in the most efficient way possible.

Recent studies have showed that each parcel approximately contains 40% air, as boxes are usually too big for what is inside. We are striving to adjust each box to its content. This technique makes parcels more solid and padding materials, such as plastic, don’t have to be used anymore. Our approach also reduces our ecological footprint, as more parcels fit in a delivery van this way.

The warehouse derives their energy from renewable installations such as solar panels on the roof and LED-lightning throughout the entire building. In addition to that, the warehouse is based in Mechelen. This location in the center of our country makes it possible for parcels to be delivered faster and in a more sustainable way. The warehouse is close to all sorting centers, within a radius of approximately 10 kilometers. Because of this small distance, the company assures the parcels to be delivered the next day. This also one again demonstrates that they truly care about sustainability, also in terms of CO2-emission.

Our warehouse is currently undertaking steps to further improve their packaging method. Next year, ShopWeDo will introduce another method that contributes to a more sustainable world. They will fully stop using adhesive tape on the parcels, for example to attach shipping labels or to seal boxes. We will only be using biodegradable glue on all packages in the future, which means that it breaks down naturally. This kind of glue is the greenest of all bonding solutions and again reduces the environmental impact. The biodegradable and compostable adhesive is a growing trend and the demand of it increases every day. Besides the fact that this method reduces the environmental impact, there are even more benefits:

  • No microplastics  the biodegradable glue consists of natural materials, which are not polluting at all.
  • Less processing costs – the glue breaks down to natural gases and biomass. This results in less processing costs for the company. The breaking down process is also faster than other systems.
  • A safe workplace – applying compostable adhesives are free of dangerous substances, which is safer than working with for example adhesive tape.
  • Environmental planning – the glue is in line with reusable, recyclable or compostable terms of being sustainable.


Last year in December, Les Jumelles decided to support to the ‘Kom Op Tegen Kanker’ charity that is close to the heart. A small gesture can be of great value, every sock purchase can make a difference.

We designed a series of socks in various colors named the ‘My Dad Rocks Socks’ and the ‘Fille a Papa socks’. Per purchase, 1 euro went to the ‘Kom Op Tegen Kanker’ charity, a cause we are truly emotionally engaged in.  We sold more then 2.500 pairs, an amount we can really be proud of.

This year in May, Les Jumelles once again decided to contribute to the ‘Kom Op Tegen Kanker’ charity. The collection was named the ‘Daddy’s Girl Socks’ . We love to do something for a good cause that makes a difference in this world.

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A sustainable future for Les Jumelles is one where sustainability means ensuring prosperity. We want to maintain a lifestyle where we reduce our own carbon footprint by altering the methods we are currently using, in the most durable way. We are learning every day how we can contribute to a greener world and how to decrease our individual use of natural resources. Sustainability encourages us to gradually change the ways we apply technology each and every day. Here at Les Jumelles, we try to do everything we can to make the world a greener place. With our efforts, we desire to make a big change in the world.


Les Jumelles wants to pursue a better world every day. Because sustainability is a subject that is close to our hearts, we established sustainable goals that we want to attain by the year of 2025.

  • We want to fully switch to green energy source in our headquarter office. We would like to install solar panels on the roof by then to reduce our CO2-emission. Led lights would also be more energy-efficient and they last a longer than traditional light bulbs.
  • Here at Les Jumelles, the relationship with external partners is of great importance. We want to invest in a long term and durable relationship with them.
  • Our inbound distribution needs to decrease with 20%  for air transport. Where we can, we will focus on more local production.

In the upcoming 5 years, we will definitely keep doing research on how to further work to be even more durable. We are aiming at a greener Les Jumelles each and every day, reducing our carbon footprint to create a more sustainable world. With the small efforts we are making and will make in the future, we aspire to make a change.


If you have any questions about this report, feel free to contact us – [email protected]

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