The Story of Les Jumelles

Be ready to make heads turn in your new Les Jumelles outfit!

back in the day

Les Jumelles was founded by mom boss Magalie Aerts in 2016. As part of a twin the name Les Jumelles (meaning twins in French) was very obvious.  

After studying global management in India, Magalie fell in love with colors, prints and unexpected combinations the country has to offer. She was constantly surrounded by elegant, sophisticated and confident women who inspired her during her whole trip. When also her studies in New York ended, she knew for sure - the dream of starting her own webshop would become a reality. Since then, Magalie has made it her daily mission to bring color into the grey chaos the world can sometimes be - but always with a little twist!   

“When I started Les Jumelles in 2016, I was packing and shipping orders from my garage in Antwerp. With the support of our loyal customers and an all-star team, we’ve been able to take our vision global.’’

wear it like a trophy

Les Jumelles is an Antwerp-based webshop that offers a carefully selected range of products and brands. A webshop where women find items that are eye-catching, sophisticated, sought after and wear it like a trophy.  

‘’I’m constantly seeking to find exclusive, yet affordable items that deviate from the normal, the common, the mediocrity… for women that are straight to the point, charismatic, with a determined and strong personality and above all, who are not afraid of taking risks. Sometimes it feels like I’m sharing my wardrobe with everyone in the world!’’  – Magalie Aerts, Founder & Owner 

What sets Les Jumelles apart from other fashion brands is its emphasis on adding a little twist to each piece. From unexpected color combinations to playful prints, every item at Les Jumelles carries a touch of whimsy that makes it stand out from the rest. 

Les Jumelles the label

Les Jumelles the Label officially launched in 2021, but the story of the brand started long before that. Magalie's love for fashion and design began at a young age, and she knew early on that she wanted to make an impact in the industry. The label stands for bright colors, graphic bold prints and eye-catchers that stand out from the crowd. The prints are designed in-house by Magalie and developed by Les Jumelles’ creative team. 

Magalie always starts with her gut feeling. ‘’The most important thing is that you always follow your heart and keep dreaming big.’’ Her inspiration comes from all the journeys she has made and reflects this in her collections. 

The collection of Les Jumelles The Label is available in more than 50 national and international selling points.

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Let’s meet offline!

‘’As an online boutique, we love that we can connect with our customers in our stores. Thanks to our wonderful customers, we can make it a great success every time.’’ 

In the LJ store we give you the latest trends, exclusive collections and new it-pieces for the next season. From everyday wardrobe essentials to statement pieces, we got you covered! 

Les Jumelles is marking their brand all over Belgium, with plenty more exciting concepts and locations coming up.