Les Jumelles the app

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Les Jumelles the app
After five years of extreme growth, it was time for a new wind to blow through the sails of Les Jumelles. As a passionate businesswoman, in addition to searching for the perfect clothing collections, Magalie is always on the lookout for new innovative opportunities so that Les Jumelles can continue to grow in every aspect. 
We are therefore pleased to introduce you to our very own Les Jumelles app for. An innovative initiative to make our customers' shopping experience even more enjoyable. 
For a year, Magalie and her team worked on the app. With brainstorm after brainstorm, lots of elaborating and scrapping, we finally launched the app with a scared but proud heart. The idea is that Les Jumelles lovers will be able to search and order their favorite items in no time, with user-friendliness as the main focus.
Even after the launch, we will continue to focus on innovation and new technologies so that we can always offer you an optimal shopping experience. 
Click here to download the app!

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